Thursday Chess in West Chester, PA

The West Chester Chess Club plays USCF rated OTB chess on Thursdays!   Please arrive no later than 7:15PM to register.  

Every Thursday the West Chester Chess Club runs a USCF rated swiss tournament.  You can start play in the Swiss at any time, and play as many nights as you can make.  The swiss tournaments run for 5 weeks, then a new one begins the following Thursday!   You can join a swiss at any round. You do not have to start play in round 1.
  • Please arrive by 7:15 at the latest to register. Pairings are then set and play begins at 7:30.  
  • In the first four rounds, games are 1 hour and 40 minutes, delay 5.  So just one game but it can last for hours!
  • The 5th round of the swiss is a quad, where you are paired with three other closely rated players.  Games are 30 minutes, 5 second delay

Club dues are $20 a year and are pro-rated depending on when you join. First visit us free!

For directions to the club, visit this page.