Chess Tips!

The following pages contain chess tips and links to popular chess openings and defenses:


Queen Pawn Openings

King Pawn Openings

Sicilian Defense

English Opening

French Defense

King's Indian Defense

The London System

How to Think and Plan in Chess

Interesting Articles, Videos, and Sites Last, but Not Least:
  • Ask yourself: what are all the things your opponent's move does? Look at checks, captures and threats, in that order.
  • What are all the positive things you want to do? This includes potential tactics.  This is your plan!
  • What are all the candidate moves which might accomplish on or more of your goals.
  • Which of these moves can you reject immediately because they are not safe? (Find checks, captures and threats that defeat the move.)
  • Of the final moves, which one is the best you can find in a reasonable amount of time?

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