Nearby Rated USCF Chess Events

This page lists local run quads and tournaments in the tri-state area that occur on a weekly or monthly basis.  For a listing of chess clubs and their meeting times please see our page on nearby Chess Clubs.  Scholastic players can play in any event.
  • Please confirm all events!  We post to the best of our knowledge, but the event timing may be changed and we may not be aware of a change.
  • If you are a new player, you will need to join US Chess at Become a Member | US to play in these rated events. Please do so ahead of arriving!

There are also a number of nationally run events within 100 miles of the Philadelphia area. Visit this page for a list of these national events.




Media PA Chess Club

  • G/60 d/5 (60 minutes per side with a 5 second delay).
  • Register by 7. Attend when you can
  • 110 S Lemon St. Media, PA 19063
  • club web site
  • Tournament Results

Mainline Chess Club, Admore, PA


West Chester Club Swiss


Visit this page to see time and dates of upcoming events in PA

Visit this page to see time and dates of upcoming events in NJ

The following are events you will typically find.  Timing in the month varies:

Main Line Chess and Games, Paoli PA quads

Hershey USCF Scholastic and Open Quads

SJIC Scholastic Chess Quads

Tri Bridges Chess Club

      • contact Joshua Anderson,
      • Contact Joshua to get on his mailing list as events may not be listed on the above USCF page
      • Primarily scholastic events

2nd Saturday Quads by Masterminds of Philadelphia

  • Quads: 3RR, G/85,d/5. EF: $30 cash; winner $100. Reg. ends 9AM
  • Club web site
  • Email:
  • Address: Tech Freire Charter School, 2221 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA
  • Tournament history


4th Saturday Quads North East, MD