Player Ratings and Ranking

Club Match Results

The club matches tables show all the club players who have played a 2021 match. The tables shows:

  • Their USCF rating is the rating found at the USCF site as of Oct 15, 2021
  • Their latest 2020 rating and the improvement through the above date
  • Their win-draw-loss record for 2021club events through the last Swiss (Oct 15th, Founder's Swiss)
  • Links to individual player performance by match and by opponent.
  • Individual player sheets have links to past USCF tournaments and the USCF ratings graphs
  • Who played White or Black is not available. 

The latest results of the current Swiss is found on the club's news page

To view past swiss results and match-ups you can also visit the our USCF tournament history  (this page has both quad results and Thursday results).