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Club Members and Match Results

The club's year runs March to February.  Players who play in the Open events accumulate points toward the club's championship.  The top 8 players point wise play in the Championship, which is a round robin event that is run in January and February.   Players not in the championship play in a Reserve Swiss and Gap Swiss during the championship period.  Then a new year begins in March.

To view past swiss results and match-ups, visit the our USCF tournament history

The following match results show all the club players who have played one or more matches in the listed year. 

  • Their USCF rating is the rating found at the USCF site when the table was updated
  • Their win-draw-loss record for the year at club events
  • Links to individual player performance by match and by opponent.
  • Individual player sheets have links to past USCF tournaments and the USCF ratings graphs

2023 Kickoff Swiss to Independence Quad (3/2 to 7/13) (YTD Club year)

2022 Match Results

2021 Matches Results